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Sex and the single vampire

This article is courtesy of the Toronto Sun and CANOE

April 24, 1996
Kindred Mark Frankel goes online to answer important questions


Toronto Sun

ONCE BITTEN: Gay vampires? Not on Kindred: The Embraced -- yet.

Mark Frankel -- who plays Julian Luna in the Aaron Spelling/Fox series about sexy aristocratic bloodsuckers in San Francisco -- told an America Online fan conference that it very much matters what sex a vampire's victim is, and that he (Julian) prefers women's blood, okay?

Frankel deflected an online question about "the homoerotic nature of vampire lore." "If a vampire needs to feed, in my case, the victim would preferably be female," he said. "But vampires must drink blood to survive." In other words, same-sex haemosexuality is okay as a last resort.

The Kindred, of course, are more Melrose Place than Morbius, and sex is #1 on their minds -- this is a Spelling show after all. Purists object, but Frankel demurs: "Why would embracing somebody into the Kindred, which gives them immortality, heightened senses, mental powers, physical powers, prevent them from having intercourse? Wait for episode 8 called 'Cabin in the Woods,' where Caitlin (city editor of the newspaper Julian owns) takes me to get away from the city for a weekend. All will be explained."

And then someone asked the question that's always haunted me. "If you drink the blood of a drunk, do you get inebriated too?"

"I don't think so," Frankel responded. Blow into this tube and we'll see, vampire-boy.

 Copyright (c) 1996 Toronto Sun

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